Letters, October 25, 2012

Autumn toadstools captured by Keith Lindley of Barnby Dun.
Autumn toadstools captured by Keith Lindley of Barnby Dun.

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the letter from Mr Michael Hull in the 18th October edition.

As the former chairman of Armthorpe Parish Council I did indeed vote to create a safe and secure place in which young people could play. What Mr Hull fails to mention are the conditions I placed on the “yes” vote, conditions that the Parish Council subsequently submitted to DMBC.

Firstly, was the condition that the new Multi-use Games Area was to be fenced off and locked EVERY night at a specific time (something which has now been organised). Secondly and very importantly, was that the developer was to be obliged to provide CCTV cameras to help deter Anti-social behaviour and to reduce the risks to young people.

Unfortunately these conditions were not fully enforced by DMBC in their final agreement with the developer, something which I find completely unacceptable.

I was at the time, and still am, fully aware of the proximity of the facility to the OAP bungalows and the anguish any late night activity would cause hence the conditions mentioned above. However, had nothing been done to the site it would have remained a skatepark devoid of any security measures and a continued hotspot for Anti-social behaviour. Now we have a facility that provides a place for young people to gather away from street corners and the dangers of our increasingly busy roads.

Mr Hull may also like to recall the complaints the council received regarding Wicket Hern Road being blocked with parked cars on many a Sunday morning; the new facility also provides new off road parking to help alleviate this.

The facility is not perfect, but with a few alterations in its management, we can have a first class recreation area for young people and families from throughout Armthorpe. Would Mr Hull prefer them to play on the streets?

I more than welcome constructive comments and ideas to help revitalise Armthorpe; I am passionate about it, however some people just always want to highlight the negative and then offer nothing in its place!

Cllr Scott Pickles, Whiphill Lane Armthorpe

Play park is worth the money

In response to Mr M Hull: I was one of the Independent councillors who voted in favour of the play park he refers to on Wickett Hern Road along with all the conditions attached to the original application. One of those conditions was the locking and unlocking of the park, I believe this issue is now resolved.

The negativity that Mr Hull as to this facility I find quite amazing. Did he ever have the opportunity as a child to play in a play ground?

As far as I am concerned the play park in open to all age groups for their enjoyment. The actual cost of the park is in the region of half a million pounds an incredible amount invested in Armthorpe which doesn`t happen to often.

It appears to me that Mr. Hull is against all age groups enjoying a marvellous play park.

Cllr. Tony Brown, Wickett Hern Road, Armthorpe.

This was a poor show for the band

Doncaster had the pleasure of receiving the Band of the Coldstream Guards to lay up the colours in the Minster on Friday, October 12.

I was extremely surprised at the poor coverage and only one photograph of this memorable occasion.

The Minster and concert at the Deaf School were very well-supported.

Mrs A Poskitt, Kirk Smeaton, Pontefract.

Editor’s Note: We now offer a multi-media news service to ensure the most extensive coverage of events such as the fantastic Coldstream Guards parade. A slideshow of pictures from the march, plus a video of the event. Coldstream Guards enjoy colourful march - Video

Politics should not come into it

Within the next few weeks we will be asked to elect a Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

When the idea was first muted I was lukewarm towards the idea but, as more details have emerged, it has become apparent to me that the process has been skewed to favour the political parties, a concept which I view with dismay.

In order to be nominated for such an important position, a member of any political party, must quite understandably, have a long record of loyalty to the party. Regardless of personal feelings on issues, open rebellion is not looked on with favour. Having regard to the fact that the candidate will have relied on the members and, probably finance of the party, to get elected to the post of Crime Commissioner one must question the degree of independence that will prevail.

Suppose, for example, the Commissioner decides on priorities for policing that are at odds with with the policies or wishes of the party. Are the priorities implemented risking the approbation of colleagues and probably friends of many years breaking the habits of a lifetime? Of course the Commissioner when elected will promise not to be influenced in the decision making process - a very worthy objective. The fact is that in making decisions everyone is influenced, even unconsciously, by their experience of life and those with whom they have closely associated.

I fear that this is the first step towards the politicisation of the police, that for all its faults, enables us to live our lives in a peaceful and fairly civilised manner. For this reason I will not be using my vote.

Robin L. Wilkins, Chantry Close, Doncaster.

Time for miners’ strike inquiry

After the debacle of the police falsifying statements regarding the Hillsborough tragedy, and now the widely suspected statement manipulation regarding the battle of Orgreave during the 1984-85 miners’ strike, surely we should have an inquiry into the policing activities during the strike?

People were jailed, beaten and sacked. There will never be trust in the pit villages (former) until a full inquiry is conducted.

Mick Mulligan (Senior), Brookfield Close, Thorne.

I’m horrified by racism

I am horrified and shocked that racism of this kind constantly rears its ugly head in sport and especially football.

I am a South African, with children living in the United Kingdom, and I have mixed race grandchildren. It horrifies me that they will be subject to this at some stage in their lives.In spite of our shocking history, we have come a long way.Hold your head up Danny, and don’t be defined by someone else’s opinion of you. Just carry on playing great football.

Sharon Bank, Johannesburg.