Letters, June 14, 2012

Kev Pointon, from Rossington, sent us this picture of the sun setting over Malton, taken during a recent visit to North Yorkshire.
Kev Pointon, from Rossington, sent us this picture of the sun setting over Malton, taken during a recent visit to North Yorkshire.
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WOW, 13,180,000 visitors a year to Doncaster. Can you believe that? Hmm, maybe.

Though we do have some great attractions, the main one being the the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The races, when on, is exciting for the pundits.

Actually the museum and the open stately homes we have are great assets too.

Have a look at some of the old buildings in the town centre, for example the banks on the High Street and others around the Mansion House House. Fantastic - and they are being used.

So my question is where did the £210 million go? How was it spent?

If this sort of money generated on top of taxes that are paid, then why are DMBC always crying hard-up stories and closing libraries, help centres and Streetreach instead of supporting projects of a proven cause and supporting local communities, ie Askern Villa FC, and maybe others.

In my view they’d rather build mega structures that turn out to be a useless waste of space and money.

Mrs K E Betts, Station Road, Arksey

Up to date with Donny abroad

I WOULD just like to say that I am thoroughly enjoying getting the Free Press via my PC in Abu Dhabi.

My husband and I moved out here in January this year and this is one of the things that I knew I would miss.

I was born and bred in Doncaster and never moved within a ten mile radius of it in all my 49 years.

My parents, Roy and Shirley Ingram recently celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary and you did a wonderful piece in your paper about them with lovely photos too. Of course I miss my family terribly, including our four children and three grandchildren, but I will be returning next month for around four weeks - my second visit since January.

I’ll be able to purchase the Free Press and once again touch its pages.

Andrea Williams, via e-mail

Trees first, then mend the road?

WE read that the council is about to cut down the lime trees in Tickhill.

But when will they do something about the state of the A60 main road that runs from the Common Lane junction to the Buttercross?

For those of us that cycle this route on a regular basis the road looks like it’s been dug up and someone’s forgotten to replace it – it is disgusting and must rank amongst the worst stretches of road in the area.

It has been in this state for the last 18 months at least and in this time Nutwell Lane in Armthorpe has been resurfaced twice – admittedly with the cheap and nasty tar and stone chippings technique that gives the sensation of cycling over boulders.

Perhaps the frequency of road repairs is dictated by the amount of council cabinet members that live in the area? Surely not, eh?

Andrew Wilson, Oakhill Road, Wheatley Hills

Allotments left in a right state

CAN someone please explain to me why nine of the allotments behind Greenfield Lane, Balby, are stood empty when there are at least 47 people on the waiting list for one?

These allotments are four feet high in rubbish and weeds, and in my opinion are obviously unwanted by the people that are renting them.

I am sick to death of looking through my window, and being faced with such a mess. Apart from that, it isn’t fair to the tenants that do look after their allotments.

I have asked about this, but was told that the council has to give 28 days notice for this, and 28 days notice for that, blah, blah, blah - but surely, if the weeds are four feet high and nothing has been planted for months, then the tenants are in breach of their tenancies and the allotments should go to someone who will use them as they should be used.

Why can’t the council write to the allotment holders, ask them to give up their allotments and take action?

This is a ridiculous wasteful situation, when there are so many families that would be grateful to grow their own food.

Mrs S Marshall, Greenfield Lane resident

Motor mayhem bad for birds

‘A WEEKEND of motor mayhem!’ was the headline in your sport section (Free Press, June 7).

Well that’s a very good description of the jet ski event at Lakeside over the jubilee weekend. Mayhem it certainly was, if by that you mean noisy, smelly and disruptive.

For those of us who have been watching the progress of the nesting swans over the last few weeks, it was a shocking spectacle.

The lake was teeming with birds, including families of ducklings, baby coots and young moorhens.

The pair of swans nesting on the island had only just produced a set of six cygnets, but within days they had to abandon their home area and take refuge in the end of the lake by the flats, where there is no cover and just the ramp to roost on.

This could well be because the jet skis were roaring right past their original nest. The other swans’ nest in the reeds near the stadium was still being sat on, within metres of the jet ski course.

When the Doncaster Lakeside Wildlife Action Group first heard rumours about jet skis on the lake, late last year, we stated our opposition, and were reassured that no tenders were going out for such activity.

We support the use of the lake for less environmentally disruptive activities, such as the dragon boat races and the Newfoundland dogs rescue practice.

The Lakeside area is a wonderful oasis in a built up area, for walking, running, cycling, roller skating, pram pushing, dog walking and maybe in the future canoeing, rowing or dinghy sailing. Please no more jet skis.

Carol Benson, Secretary, Doncaster Lakeside Wildlife Action Group, Boswell Road, Bessacarr

Lakeside ducks killed for fun?

DURING the last few weeks with the glorious weather my children and I have made numerous visits to Lakeside.

My children love to feed the ducks and watch the ducklings grow. We have also been looking forward to a nesting swan hatching her six eggs. We first noticed something was wrong when we saw only five eggs and no mother, then four eggs and still no mother.

Then we found out the mother had been found dead. What kind of cruel senseless thug would do this?

Those birds are there to lead a quiet and happy life and it’s a terrible thing when innocent animals are being slaughtered in disgusting acts of violence.

Donna Brown, Hyde Park

High standards at the hospice

AS one of the many volunteers who support the full time staff at the St John’s Hospice and Information Centre at Balby, I am immensely proud of the care and compassion shown to all our patients who come in for pain management and end of life care.

The other departments, namely Day Care, the lymphoedema service, bereavement counselling complementary therapists, the cancer integrated information service the Macmillan nurses and the Hospice at Home service all ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that patients and their relatives receive the best care possible in what can be very difficult circumstances.

Margaret Wood, Gleneagles Drive, Bessacarr

Labour’s council team are united

IN response to J Cawdon’s letter in last week’s Freeviews, I would like to highlight a fact that has gone unnoticed.

At the annual meeting of the full council Mayor Davies was not in attendance.

In my view this is further proof he is out of touch with the public. They would expect him to be here in Doncaster when it matters.

Labour councillors at the meeting showed the utmost respect for the out-going civic mayor Coun Eva Hughes who was thanked for her service to the borough, and applauded for her work to raise money for her civic charities.

I’m appalled that Mayor Davies couldn’t show the same respect.

I am sure that Coun Chris Mills as the new civic mayor, and deputy civic mayor Coun Eddie Dobbs will work tirelessly in their new roles representing the borough.

And I would like to assure all residents that each and every Labour councillor is united in defending local people from these savage cuts imposed by the Tory-led Government – from both inside the Mansion House and out in our communities.

Coun Glyn Jones, leader of Doncaster Labour Group

Square bashing over publicity

REGARDING the new Sir Nigel Gresley Square opening ceremony, where apparently the majority of the crowd were council officers.

Well, probably because the local public had no knowledge of it, can anyone report as to where this event was listed in forthcoming events, a ‘decent sized crowd’ was reported but I am sure they would have been rewarded with a much larger reception had some advertising of this historic occasion had been forth coming.

S Millward, Edenthorpe

Editor’s note: The event was previewed in the Free Press and on our website www. doncasterfreepress.co.uk where you can also see a picture gallery of the day’s events.

Driving school starts a search

WE are launching an appeal to recover important pieces of motoring memorabilia related to BSM driving school.

BSM, founded in 1910, has a rich history. Unfortunately over the years many items from BSM’s history have left the company’s ownership.

It is believed these items include original BSM ‘L’ plates and driving simulators from the early 1900s, as well as old training manuals, documents and photographs. Since BSM was acquired, just over a year ago now, we have worked hard to grow the brand.

We’re now looking into the heritage of BSM as it’s an important part of the business and the history of the brand, so we’d like to try to recover its historic memorabilia.

Our recent research has uncovered a number of objects including an original certificate of motoring competence from 1917 as well as a 1935 driving manual.

But from our photo archive we know that there are a great deal more BSM related historic artefacts and we would love to at least know where they are.

If any readers can help with our appeal please email details to amnesty@bsm.co.uk

Mark Peacock, Head of BSM

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