Letters, December 1

HAYLEY Paterson’s article (DFP, November 24) just brings it home to people what and who do these so called DMBC councillors think they are.

The only one of the 63 worth his corn is Coun Martin Williams who stated that he would do the elected members role for no payment, for the honour and privilege.

One of the group leaders states that there isn’t enough hours in the week now to do his council work so reducing the number would be unjust.

As for the group leader of the majority party saying that the mayor wants to reduce the numbers so that it’s easier for him to get his way, what is your Labour group doing? You hold the majority votes on every council committee.

I never read or hear anything that they have rejected in committee stages, ie library closures, redundancies, terms and conditions all agreed by your members following the officers’ recommendations.

The Government are changing the employment rights of workers to make it easier for management to sack. When will it become the same where we the voters will be able to fire our elected members in a matter of days/weeks?

Am I the only resident whom has never seen or heard from any of my wards three councillors since a week before the last elections were held in May of this year, but I will wager they will be around next year in vast numbers seeking your vote.

Lydia Atkins, Old Hexthorpe

There is another way to Tories

THIS is a really worrying time for families and businesses, struggling with higher food prices and gas bills and worried about their jobs and their children’s futures.

The Tory-led Government are cutting too far and too fast and risk choking off economic recovery. Unemployment is rising again and is currently at the highest level in 17 years. One in five young people are out of work and now more women are unemployed than at any time since 1988.

We need to act now to show the Tory-led Government that there is another way.

Labour has set out a clear five-point plan for jobs, to help struggling families and support small businesses – I hope you will join me in supporting their calls for change.

PJ Cawkwell, Eagle Court, West Street, Conisbrough

Is Mr Miliband a contender?

IS the Doncaster electorate’s long time loyalty for the Labour Party and the provision of a ‘safe haven’ for socialist Members of Parliament, paying off, at last?

Regardless of one’s political inclination, having the Leader of the Opposition, as a representative at Westminster should be a source of optimism.

But, is Mr Miliband a serious contender for the Prime Ministerial role?

The oblivion to the part the last Government played in bringing the nation to the precarious circumstances we now endure, is not a convincing sign.

His insistence that the solution to our economic plight is a reversion to the spend and owe culture of his party, despite overwhelming advice to the contrary from the world’s leading economists, a further cause of concern.

Can he really believe what he is saying? Or is the contempt he has for the intellect of the electorate such, that he thinks he can get away with telling us anything?

Brian McQueen, Alderson Drive, Bennethorpe

Well done DRI for treatment

MAY I express my thanks to the Doncaster Royal Infirmary. Like the Hollingworth family, I have met with such care and kindness, there is always someone to help and guide me, as soon as I go through the door.

From the appointment desk, to the consultants, I thank you all most sincerely.

G E Law, Measham Drive, Stainforth

We need Cadeby pit memorials

ON reading Darren Burke’s article last week covering the Bentley Colliery disaster of 1931, including the commemoration of the death of seven miners who died in a paddy train crash at the same pit on November 21, 1978, in a photograph covering the item I noticed a fitting memorial to those miners where the wreaths were being placed in remembrance of the victims.

This leads me on to say, that there is no memorial to a similar tragedy that was to befall Cadeby Main colliery where two explosions resulted in 91 men and boys losing their lives at the pit on July 9, 1912.

I think it is a travesty that the Cadeby victims have no memorial.

The loss of life could have doubled had it not been for a visit by King George V and Queen Mary to the nearby Conisbrough Castle the say before where so many men were off work to see the Royals.

When the disaster happened in the early hours of the next morning, the royals were still in the area and they actually came back to Conisbrough to help comfort the victim’s relatives.

Next year it is the anniversary of these two events. Until today there has been no memorial to the Cadeby Pit disaster but this is all about to be put right, next year.

Thanks to a handful of local historians and ex miners who have formed a committee at the Denaby and Cadeby Miners’ Welfare to raise funds for a memorial to be placed in Denaby Cemetery and hopefully something in Conisbrough too.

The charitable group raising funds go under the name of ‘Cadeby Main Colliery Memorial Group’ - anyone wishing to help can contact Jeff Lovel on (01709) 865522 or James Beachill on 07886 718719.

The group are well over the halfway target but welcome any donations to the fund.

Stephen C Hamilton, Adwick Road, Mexborough

Tips to enjoy a safer Xmas

FOR some of your readers who have diabetes, Christmas is not as straight forward as they would like it to be.

For most people, Christmas is a time for treats and a bit of over-indulgence and any extra pounds gained can be lost in the New Year.

However, for someone with diabetes, Christmas is a time of temptation, unpredictable or delayed meals, extra nibbles, excitement and stress, all of which can lead to varying blood sugars.

We are happy to supply people with an information pack which contains our ‘Christmas Tips’.

These give various options for Christmas dinners and a recipe for home made lower carbohydrate and calorie Christmas pudding and many other tips to make like a little easier over the festivities.

We are happy to send out this information pack free of charge to any of your readers. Contact IDDT on (01604) 622837 or email martin@iddtinternational.org

Martin Hirst, Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust, PO Box 294, Northampton NN1 4XS

Thanks to all who helped

ON November 2, I fell on the side of Christchurch, I fractured my right leg.

I would like to thank the couple who picked me up, the young man who telephoned for the ambulance and the young man and two young girls who stayed with me until the ambulance arrived.

I am now at home recovering, thanks again.

Maisie Bailey, Dunsville

Can you help this student?

AS the ex-headteacher of The Hayfield School I keep in touch with lots of students, one of whom came to us in 2000 as a young Kosovan refugee.

At the time a Kosovan community was housed locally and befriended by the wonderful Anne Swift, who was the school’s PTA chairperson at the time. She still revisits Kosova.

Hajdin Berisha (now 25) returned to Kosova in 2001.He’s currently at the University of Aberdeen undertaking a post graduate masters in Globalisation Studies.

Whilst in Malaysia he had part time jobs in contract supply chain management (Petronas), as a university research assistant in management science, and in industrial training.

He speaks English and Albanian and can read and write in Arabic and Turkish.

He would love to work in the UK so if anyone in the Doncaster area is interested please contact him for a CV (hajdinberish@yahoo.com).

He keeps in touch with Kosovan families in Doncaster and with Anne.

Tony Storey, The Paddocks, Lound, Retford

Christmas fair wasn’t so festive

I HAVE to agree with the letter by Mrs J Jenkinson regarding the Festive Food and Gift Fair (Freeviews, November 24).

Myself and my partner visited the fair on the Saturday and were disappointed to say the least.

We actually went round the fair TWICE as we thought that being charged £5 entrance fee that there must have been more to see, and we’d missed some of the stalls. Sadly, we hadn’t.

And can someone explain the festive nature of a Cash For Gold stall?

A festive shopping experience it certainly wasn’t, we even phoned friends in Goole and advised them not to waste their money by visiting on Sunday.

Having visited the ‘Taste of Lincolnshire Food, Drink and Festive Gift Experience’ at the Lincolnshire Show ground previously, we’d rather spend money on petrol and the £5 entrance fee there and be assured of having a fantastic day out, well worth the money.

Bea Gibbons, Willow Avenue, Cantley

We wish we’d saved our cash

BAH humbug! Christmas Market at Doncaster Racecourse on 19th and 20th.

Six of my family members came over from Bradford expecting a Christmas market that was like Lincoln, as advertised. What a mistake that was.

Wished we had stayed in the Frenchgate Centre and saved our £5 entry fee for our dinner. What a big let down the market was.

Diane Shaw, Arksey

I wish I’d not brought friends

I COULDN’T agree more with Mrs Jenkinson’s view of the Festive Gift and Food Fair recently held at the racecourse.

Following the media build up, I went and encouraged several friends to do the same.

I was both disappointed and embarrassed by the experience, I fail to see how Doncaster can feel proud of such a poor spectacle

Pauline Smaller, Oakland Avenue, Hatfield