Woman escapes car crushed by fallen tree

Kayleigh Porter crash.

Kayleigh Porter crash.

A Christmas miracle saved Isle woman Kayleigh Porter when a 90 foot tree toppled on to her car and crushed it like a tin can.

The horrific event that wrote off her Vauxhall Corsa car occurred as the 22-year old accountant from Belton was driving home from North Lindsey College along Kingsway Road at Scunthorpe.

Kayleigh, of West End Road, said: “It all happened in a moment. There was no warning. I clocked nothing as I was driving along and it didn’t seem that windy. There was this massive bang, then everything seemed to fall in on me. There was glass everywhere.”

But Kayleigh managed to steer her car in to the roadside and stop, before easing herself from under her mangled dashboard.

She said: “My dad’s a mechanic and I know what to do in an accident. Oil was leaking so I took my keys and got out. It wasn’t easy but my door was the only one that opened.

“The police said that any passenger would have been killed instantly and if I had been a foot further on I’d have had no chance. I was following a learner driver and well under 30mph when it happened. Branches spread across the dual carriageway. It’s a miracle no-one was killed. I woke up the day after and it hit me how I could so easily have died and not been here for Christmas at all.”

She continued: “My mum and dad were in Scunthorpe when it happened and when they got to the scene I was in an ambulance. They took one look at the car and broke down completely.”

Kayleigh was checked over at the scene but declined to go to hospital. She said: “The interior mirror smacked me in the face and bust my nose, and I had a huge lump on my forehead, but otherwise it was just cuts and bruises to my legs.

“For a little car, my Corsa really bore the impact...I’d buy another one tomorrow.”

Pictures of the scene and wrecked car drew many shocked comments from friends when Kayleigh posted them up on Facebook.

Elly Allport said: “You lucky lady! Someone was definitely looking out for you up there! Take it easy babes. xx” And Kayleigh replied: “I know, it’s crazy. Some special people up there for me. xx”

The day after her December 18 trauma, Kayleigh called in to her office to see colleagues at CW Fields, Epworth, and managed to return to work the following day. She attends college on day release once a week and is in the final year of a three-year accountancy course.

“It’s scary, I had a woman run in to the back of me last year and it didn’t affect me much, but I will be much more wary in a car now,” she added.

Her fiancee Philip Garbutt was, she said, “badly shaken and just very, very relieved that I was okay.”




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