Video: Denaby mums are doing it for the kids

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An group of Denaby mums have started an ambitious project to build a £75,000 play area and park for children and young people.

Sharon Pederson of Hickleton Street and more than 25 residents around the road want to give youngsters in the area a state of the art play area which is suitable for all ages and those with disabilities.

The women formed Crags Corner Tenants and Residents Association to transform a patch of overgrown derelict land into a place where children can keep off the streets and take part in healthy outdoor activities.

Working with Doncaster Concil and St Leger Homes, the volunteers have already cleared trees from the land which was gifted to them by Doncaster Council.

Sharon, 44 said: ”Last summer we used to sit outside with the kids and they were climbing in the trees. There are no facilities for them at all up here and nowhere for them to socialise with other kids. We said why don’t we try and get a proper park for them to play in.

“We are looking at different funding options and have set up a page on the Spacehive a crowd-funding website for civic projects like ours. My kids have grown up but I have grandchildren and it is for their generation.”

Mother of five Vicky Houghton, 44 added:” As well as ropes swings and roundabouts We want thee play area to have disabled access with ramps and steps. There are children around here in wheelchairs, some have Aspergers. We are looking at activity pods which are activated by bluetooth. We realise raising £75,000 is not going to be easy. It will be a long process but Rome wasn’t built in a day.”




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