The Way We Were by Colin Ella: Part 80: Snapper par excellence

Cruising on the Rhine River, Marksburg, Germany.

Cruising on the Rhine River, Marksburg, Germany.

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THERE’S a character in Shakespeare’s ‘A Winter’s Tale’ called Autolycus.

He describes himself as ‘a snapper up of unconsidered trifles’.
We were once on a continental coach tour and on it this quotation was given a whole new and ‘literal’ interpretation.

Our party was made up of 14 different nationalities and we had the not uncommon Japanese contingent. The patriarch of their group was a small, wispy figure of a man who I have never forgotten, for two reasons. At various venues where we ate our meals this little fellow would invariably consume (in addition to his own helping) anything that was left over by his fellow diners.


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