Suppressed 2002 report ‘could have stopped Rotherham abuse’

A report as far back as 12 years ago into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham could have brought abusers to justice, and prevented more children becoming victims – but it was deliberately suppressed.

Prof Alexis Jay’s inquiry found the researcher who wrote the report in 2002 was subjected to ‘personalised hostility’ and stopped from completing the final part of her work. The report had contained ‘severe criticisms’ of how agencies in Rotherham were dealing with the issue, and presented a ‘clear picture’ of girls in the town being abused.

Alexis Jay's shocking report
Alexis Jay's shocking report

The researcher had raised concerns with police about a young girl who had been repeatedly raped. When the girl went to the police, she was sent a text by the main perpetrator threatening her 11-year-old sister – leading the girl to drop her complaint.


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