Support network for people with dementia to be set up in Doncaster

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Charity Sue Ryder is to set up a new service aimed at improving dementia care in Doncaster.

The organisation aims to set up, in a variety of meeting venues across Doncaster, Peer Support Groups for people with dementia and their carers.

Sue Ryder will be working with local shops, businesses, clubs, groups and networks to increase the awareness of dementia and the role that everyone can play in helping to support the local community and individuals by providing information and guidance.

There is also a dementia befriending scheme that compliments this project and happy to discuss this.

The team will be on hand to identify aims, answer any questions and to discuss how you can get involved.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday 2nd October between 10am and 2pm at Town Fields Pavilion.

For any further information please contact Marilyn Cockett or Debra Blades on 01302 380077.