SLIDESHOW: Flash floods hit Doncaster villages

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Flash flooding this week has left a number of families in Doncaster facing clean-up bill for thousands of pounds.

Torrential downpours and thunderstorms led to flood misery, with areas affected including Clay Lane, Wheatley Hills, Kirk Sandall, Intake and Balby.

Residents living on Jefferson Avenue and Wilberforce Road, Clay Lane are now calling on Doncaster Council and Yorkshire Water to completely improve the drainage system, which they blame for the flooding.

Mum-of-two Tanya Ealing, aged 46, watched as Jefferson Avenue began to flood ‘within 10 minutes’ of heavy rain on Saturday afternoon.

She said: “Within a few minutes of the heavy rain it was seeping through the door.

“I’ve never seen anything like that.”

“I had 15 neighbours filling up dustbins from all the water coming into the house and garden trying to chuck it back into the street.

“All of the flooring and skirting boards on the ground floor have been ruined.

“What came in was sewage water and left everything with a sort of film over it. I’ve had to disinfect everything and it still smells.”

Neighbour Nicola Baker, 28, also of Jefferson Avenue, said she will have to move as a result of the floodings.

The mum-of-three said: “Everything is filthy, and I can’t let my children live like this.

“I’ve put my heart into this house, and it’s usually spotless but now so much has been ruined.”

Richard Young, senior flood risk engineer at Doncaster Council said: “The council responded to the request and visited the area with sandbags, ready to deploy them as had been stated to the local resident who made the call.”

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water encouraged residents directly affected by flooding to report it as soon as it occurs.

He added: “This will allow us to conduct a full and thorough investigation of the matter and our assets.”




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