PROFILE: Stuart Exelby

More on the Community Group candidate

Name: Stuart Exelby

Party: Community Group

Job: Councillor - currently Deputy Mayor

Website: n/a

Would like to be played in a film by: Russell Crowe

Childhood hero: John Wayne

First job: Apprentice mason

Favourite music in the car: Bruce Springsteen

Last book read: Brian Clough: The Autobiography

Last film seen: Mamma Mia

Favourite place in Doncaster: The Don Gorge

Favourite place outside Doncaster: The Yorkshire Dales

Favourite takeaway: Chinese or Indian

Favourite tipple: Stones beer

Cat person or dog person? Dogs

In his own words: I was born and raised in Doncaster and worked for the Transport & General Workers Union (now Unite) as a trade union convenor for some 16 years helping people with personal and employment problems. It gave me great satisfaction to know that when people were experiencing difficulties in their everyday lives they could come to me and I would fight their cause right to the end and I would never give up.

I have been employed by various local authorities for my entire working life: West Riding County Council, South Yorkshire County Council and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

I was elected as a councillor for the Central Ward in 2002 and I have always been my own person and I am proud to stand as the candidate for the Community Group. We are truly an independent group and we do not rely on any support from any mainstream political parties but stand on our own two feet as truly independent from any outside influence.

It is easy for candidates to make promises to improve everything for everyone at a stroke but my promise to you the electorate is to do my utmost best at all times on your behalf. I have a proven track record of getting things done and if I make a commitment I keep it and I have been deputy mayor since 2008 which has given me valuable experience to move Doncaster forwards.