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Many things worry us oldies simply because life is not as pleasant as we remember it.

Do you remember when we would gladly help someone in trouble with no thought for our own safety. Would we do the same today? Most of us probably would because that is the kind of people we are.

Bill Morrison, Chair of Doncaster 50 Plus.

Bill Morrison, Chair of Doncaster 50 Plus.

Let me relate a true story that I became aware of recently and perhaps we will be a bit more mindful of what we do.

A carer working for a well-known and reputable company was taking her charge shopping, as she would normally do, when she observed someone having some difficulty. Like any good citizen she went to assist.

She trustingly put her bag on the pavement next to her as she offered help. She averted her eyes for a moment and that’s when someone saw their chance and stole her purse.

No one saw the culprit as all were focused on the event she had gone to assist with. Would this have happened when we were young? I don’t think so, there was respect and a natural desire to help.

Now I am not saying there were no wrong ’uns, of course there were, always will be.

But I don’t think what I have just told you would have occurred.

Think carefully when you put your bag down, and gents, don’t keep your wallet in your back trouser pocket.

Now a word on what happens when we get discharged from hospital. Of late I have heard some disturbing tales. When getting discharged and you are in receipt of a care package please make sure the care company is aware.

All too often patients are sent home, often at strange hours, and the care is not in place.

The hospital should ensure that the care is restarted to facilitate your return home. Far too often this is not happening.

Most care companies need 24 hours to implement a restart of a care package. If your care package is not in place for your return home, don’t accept it, and demand that you remain in hospital until it is. It is your wellbeing and health that is being put at risk.

I sometimes wonder if it is the system that is at fault or human error and disinterest.

Many things are a concern to the silver-haired brigade but we should never be too proud to seek advice and help when needed.

For many it is understanding the changes to the benefit system.

In particular the changes to disability payments.

Many are losing them and many are changing to PIP (personal independent payment).

Help and advice are available, it is your responsibility to access it. Don’t take the view that DWP actually know what they are talking about.

They need to clearly understand your situation and needs. Have happy days.

* Bill Morrison, Chairman, Doncaster 50-plus group