Have your say on the Doncaster Free Press

New property front
New property front

YOUR Doncaster Free Press is about to undergo a facelift and we want your thoughts on what should be included in your favourite family read.

Over the coming weeks your Free Press will be relaunched with exciting new design and content features planned both in print and online.

And we want our loyal readers to have an input in your paper that has served the Doncaster area for 88 years.

We will still strive to bring you the most in-depth news, sport and leisure coverage of life in Doncaster , but we want to improve our service to you.

Here is a preview of what your new paper will look like and we want to hear your views. Click on the poll on the right of this page to vote. But we don’t want you to stop there. Get in touch with us about what you would like to see in your paper or tell us what you like about what we do currently.

Over the next few days we will be publishing more of our new look pages so make sure you return to have your say.

There’s never been a better opportunity to have a say in the design of a trusted, community newspaper like the Free Press, so get involved.

Have your say by commenting below, email editorial@doncastertoday.co.uk, call 01302 347264, Tweet us @DonnyFreePress or leave a message on our Facebook page