Live and lewd - its Chubby!

40 YEARS ON AND STILL GOING STRONG Roy "Chubby" Brown Sheffield City Hall

LEWD, crude and extremely rude, it could only be Roy "Chubby" Brown.

Celebrating his 40 years in showbiz this February, this Northern comedian is still shocking audiences throughout the UK.

Sat in a an audience containing everyone from teenagers up to pensioners I was anticipating a crude show that I wouldn't really enjoy.

HOWEVER, I was extremely shocked to find myself giggling away to his politically incorrect jokes.

The unnecessary use of the F-word in every sentence didn't even seem to offend me. For some reason the general public can't resist a giggle when someone swears.

Watching Chubby strip to his underwear was an experience in itself - there is something about a little old fat naked man that can really get the crowd going.

If you are easily offended stay away - it's not for the light hearted.

But if you are open minded I would recommend this highly entertaining night to anyone.

* Eve Hanson

Roy 'Chubby' Brown

Wednesday 23rd January

Sheffield City Hall

Chubbs doing what he does best! I've got to say that when I got my hands on a pair of Chubby tickets I was looking forward to seeing him live having watched his DVDs throughout my teenage years but, having found his latest crimbo offering a little monotonous, I was hoping that it wouldn't be just the same old jokes. However I found the entire evening incredibly entertaining. His warm up band 'Touch and Go' got the crowd going a treat which really set the scene for a fun filled evening of comedy.

An acquired taste is the only way to describe Roy 'Chubby' Brown as his racist and chauvinistic jokes can be a little to close to the wire for some but taken with a pinch of salt will leave you with your sides splitting. I have to say though some of his material did touch a nerve with members of the audience including me for which I cautiously sat back in my seat rather than roared with applause. However you couldn't help laughing to the best ditty of the night, 'Political Correctness, Kiss my hairy ……erm, Behind'.

Overall it truly was Chubby doing what he does best. Wife jokes and little ditties were a plenty with a few surprises thrown in. From the larger than life blow up Jade Goody Doll to the Full Monty strip on stage, all typical Chubby, but all new material.

Couple of times throughout the show Chubbs proceeded to let is mouth do the talking before his brain had kicked into gear which resulted in him messing up a few of his jokes which the audience didn't let him get away with. To which he responded with two fingers.

I would recommend the show to anyone who likes a classic Chubby Brown one liner. The show certainly didn't disappoint and the heart felt thank you from Chubbs to the audience at the end of the show for forty years of people coming to see his stand up comedy really topped the evening and certified me as a Chubby Brown fan.

* Jemma Easley