International sign language trip

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A team from Doncaster have returned from a trip to Estonia to further the development of an international sign language.

The staff from Doncaster Deaf Trust spent four days in Estonia with other organisations who are leading the way in furthering an online directory of international signs.

Alan Robinson, executive principal of Doncaster Deaf Trust which comprises nursery, school and college, said: “Spread the Sign is a fantastic project which will ultimately benefit deaf and hard of hearing people from across the globe.

“Developing an international sign language will make it easier for people with communication difficulties to gain employment in other countries.

“We were made extremely welcome in Estonia and have worked on a plan to further this project and are looking forward to working with the partner organisations to develop Spread the Sign and to make sure that people from across Europe and further afield are aware of this wonderful tool which is available to them.”

There are currently 14 partner countries for Spread the Sign, the new partners are from Austria, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Latvia and Poland. is the largest dictionary of its kind in the world. To find out more about Doncaster Deaf Trust please visit