Litterbugs up in court

Scales of Justice
Scales of Justice
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MAGISTRATES dished out 16 fines in one day as officials in Doncaster clamped down on littering across the borough.

And an influential Doncaster councillor believes the prosecutions may show the borough would be able to enforce a proposed ban on spitting in the streets.

All the littering fines were handed out in a one-day session by Doncaster magistrates.

Coun Cynthia Ransome, cabinet member for environment said: “These people have ended up in court only because they ignored repeated opportunities to pay smaller fines. The court will now keep any financial penalties issued.”

Coun Kevin Rodgers, who is chairman of the council’s elections and democratic structures committee, which is looking at the spitting ban, said the prosecutions showed staff were in place who may be able to carry prosecutions for spitting, if a proposed bye-law is brought in banning it.