Daniel's got the winning philosophy

BUDDING Doncaster pop star Danielle Hicks has take a step closer to the big time with an American internet deal.

The 25 year old former Doncaster College student, from Skellow, has had her recently released album - titled Philosophy - released on the US website cafepress.com.

Danielle is currently in America promoting her CD and her record company, Unique Records, says there is a great deal of interest from Las Vegas and New York.

A live tour is on the cards but nothing is set as yet. But both Danielle and her Unique Records producer Franklyn Hall are busy building the fan base and preparing for the commercial release a single to be called Its Alright.

The single is due to be released in the States at the end of the year and then shortly after in the UK.

Danielle said: "This is only a taste of what is to come in the future. I am currently writing a complete album. This album is my solo project and will be written by myself. The style will be a little different and my heart and soul is going into it. I want every single track to the album to be a track that people can relate to and enjoy".

Recently Danielle and her producer Mr Hall did a mini tour around the UK, the last concert involved youngsters from within the Doncaster area and was titled Rock Dem.

Danielle was discovered by the record firm while she was singing in shows in Spain.