Thug stabs eyes of two ponies in Doncaster

Rebecca Hibbard's horse has stabbed in the eye on her paddock on Barnsley Road, Moorends. Picture: Andrew Roe

Rebecca Hibbard's horse has stabbed in the eye on her paddock on Barnsley Road, Moorends. Picture: Andrew Roe

Horse lovers have been left sickened after a savage thug stabbed the eyes of two ponies in a Doncaster field.

Police are investigating the attack, which has blinded one of the animals and left them both terrified of people.

Claire Featherstone, from Moorends, owner of three-year-old Molly, one of the ponies, is said to be distraught.

Rebecca Hibbard, the 46-year-old’s sister, said: “It’s not something a kid would do, this is somebody who’s off their head.

“We’re all just completely shocked. We can’t believe someone would do something like this.

“They’re scum, absolute scumbags. It’s not nice to think there are people walking around who would do such a thing.”

The other targeted pony is owned by Thorne man Ian Hodgson, while Rebecca’s horse, 30-year-old Bryn, a companion to Molly, was unhurt, but has been left spooked by the attack.

Rebecca said the horses have been kept in neighbouring fields, near allotment plots at Barnsley Road, Moorends, for some time without any previous incidents and the owners can think of no reason for the knife attacks.

She said: “We’re having to move them somewhere safer. The equine vet has been out and says Molly’s eye is so badly swollen he can’t tell whether she will still be able to see or not, but he said Ian’s horse’s eye was severely damaged.

“The vet had to sedate both of them before he could examine their eyes because they were so distressed. Now they won’t let anyone touch them and it’s going to take my sister and I a long time to work closely with them before we can ride them again.”

Friends of the sisters have been bringing the ponies treats, but the animals have shied away from any human contact because of what has happened.

Rebecca says the area round the paddock would have been quiet during the time of the attack, on Wednesday, between 9am and 3pm, because there are not many gardeners working on their allotments at this time of year.

South Yorkshire Police is investigating the attack.

A force spokesman said: “Police received a report on Wednesday, March 19, of two horses being attacked at allotments on Barnsley Road, Moorends.

“Officers are investigating the incident and would ask anyone with information to please contact the police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting incident number 642 of March 19.”




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