Refugee gets 10 years for raping woman in bedsit

Convicted - Hafedh Abdullah.
Convicted - Hafedh Abdullah.
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A SEXUAL predator granted asylum has been locked up for ten years after dragging a woman off a Doncaster street and raping her.

Just nine months prior to his horrific attack Hafedh Abdullah was granted political asylum to live in the UK after he escaped the civil war in Sudan.

As well as using prostitutes for his gratification, the 30-year-old followed and abducted a young woman from the street as she walked past his bedsit in Beckett Road, Wheatley.

Doncaster Crown Court heard he locked the 19-year-old in his house and repeatedly raped her for an hour before eventually letting her go.

Abdullah still denies forcing the victim to have sex with him against her will, but he was convicted of rape by a jury.

The woman, now 20, has been so traumatised by the attack she has had to move away from the area and refuses to go out alone.

DNA evidence linked Abdullah to the young woman and she remembered enough detail about his home for police to track him down.

But he still maintains she was “enthusiastic” and willing - even though they had never met before and he could not even tell police her name.

Jailing him for the attack on April 16 last year Judge Jacqueline Davies said: “This offence occurred purely out of your need for sexual gratification.

“It was a sustained attack late at night against a vulnerable young woman and it was aggravated in that it lasted about an hour and you forced her into your home.”

Prosecutor Sarah Wright said the victim was walking from a friend’s house in the early hours when she passed Abdullah’s bedsit in Beckett Road. He followed her and dragged her in, frogmarched her up to his room and locked the door.

She was raped three times before at last being allowed to leave.

Oliver Thorne, defending, said Abdullah had an extremely difficult start to life, growing up in the Darfur region of Sudan and suffering attacks by Arab militia during one of which his father was killed.

Abdullah is expected to be deported upon his release.