Fall reported in retail crime

Chief Inspector Richard Butterworth.
Chief Inspector Richard Butterworth.

South Yorkshire Police believes it is winning the fight against retail crime in Rotherham following a reduction in the number of offences.

The force said there was a ‘slight’ decrease in the number of shoplifting offences reported in May compared with April.

It comes after police launched operations and incentives to tackle the problem.

Police received reports of 148 offences in May after 161 had been reported in April.

The top three products stolen were food with 53 incidents, alcohol was second with 32 and cosmetics third with 20 incidents.

The estimated cost of all items stolen in May totalled almost £11,000.

In total, 38 offences have seen people charged to court and 12 fixed penalty notices have been issued with two cautions made.

Richard Butterworth, chief inspector of Rotherham Police, said: “Although we have had a reduction in shoplifting last month, this continues to prove a challenging crime to tackle.

“I am committed to reducing this crime in the borough and we are continuing to maintain our efforts, but admit that this needs a great deal of focus from the police.

“Working closely with stores, we have prevented crime trends at those locations and continue to arrest or caution offenders.”