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Scales of Justice

Scales of Justice

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THE following people have appeared before magistrates in Doncaster:

n MEXBOROUGH: A motorist has paid a heavy premium for driving without insurance. Michael Moule, 59, of Windmill Crescent admitted driving a Range Rover without insurance, the correct licence and failing to stop for a uniformed police officer on Friday, May 4, on Wilsic Road in Doncaster. He also refused to undertake a test to see whether he had any class A drugs in his system. He was fined £110, ordered to pay £15 as a victim surcharge and £85 in costs, and banned from driving for six months. He was fined a further £50 for failing to take the drug test.

n BALBY: A 34-year-old has been spared the joint after being caught in possession of half a gram of cannabis. Christopher Lee Blades of Alexandra Road admitted having the Class B drug in Edlington on March 19, and was given a £50 fine. He was also fined a further £25 for committing the offence whilst on conditional discharge for breaking into a waste recycling centre in Crookhill Road in July 2011.