Contents of child’s school bag in South Yorkshire worth more than a mother’s handbag

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The contents of the average child’s school bag in South Yorkshire is worth more than the items in a mother’s handbag, a survey has found.

A survey conducted at Meadowhall Shopping Centre asked 100 mothers how much money they spent kitting out their children with school essentials.

The cost of equipping a child for their return to school in September continues to rise with the total cost of contents now exceeding £550, while the average women’s handbag is almost half that at £290.

The survey found that two-thirds of school aged children owning smart phones, one in five taking along an MP3 player and headphones and one in ten even packing a tablet each morning.

Of the mothers questioned, less than ten per cent carry a separate MP3 player and only a handful keep a tablet device in their handbag.




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