Alastair will be jetting around the globe as part of Red Arrows engineering team

A DONCASTER man is flying high after landing a place as part of the Royal Air Force's Red Arrows display team.

Alastair Holt, 26, a RAF mechanical technician, is joining a ten-strong team of engineers known as Circus that are responsible for maintaining Red Arrows jets.

The former Hungerhill School pupil will be assigned to an individual aircraft and pilot for the Red Arrows' summer display season. which will see the team perform at more than 90 events throughout the UK, Europe and North America.

He will be flown between the events as a back seat passenger in the Red Arrows' Hawk jets.

Alastair joined the RAF in 1998 and specialises in maintaining the structure of airplanes, their engines and systems such as hydraulics.

He has previously worked on the C130 Hercules support aircraft and Jaguar jet, serving in Cyprus as well as Central and South America.

Alastair said: "I'm really excited about my new role and am looking forward to the display season. Being part of the Circus Team is a great opportunity because of the amount of flying you get to do as a passenger in a jet aircraft."

The Red Arrows was formed to demonstrate the professional excellence of the RAF.