A Bard Day’s Night

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Twelfth night is a tale as old as, well, the 17th century, but in a Filter Theatre production which comes to Cast next week the play is given a modern and explosive reworking.

Sticking to the original, the play tells the story of Olivia whose rigid household clashes head on with Sir Toby’s insatiable appetite for drunken debauchery. Meanwhile Orsino’s relentless pursuit of Olivia and Malvolio’s extraordinary transformation typify the madness of love in Illyria.

Two worlds collide with this punky production of the Shakespeare classic, which uses explosions of rock music and a compelling dialogue to bring this fast paced production to life that should go down a treat with Doncaster theatre goers.

Shakespeare adaptations are common place in both television and films with famous examples including romantic comedy, 10 Things I Hate About You, which is an adaptation of The Taming of The Shrew and Baz Luhrmann’s production of Romeo and Juliet which kept William Shakespeare’s dialogue but moved the setting forward to the modern day in the fictional location of Verona Beach.

Most of the new adaptations attempt to make Shakespeare accessible to a new audience, which is definitely the case with this Filter Theatre production.

Founded in 2001, Filter is a new breed of theatre collective consisting of actors, musicians, technicians, designers, writers and directors who create ground-breaking adaptations of existing texts as well as new production.

Twelfth Night runs at Cast from October 15-19 and performances start at 7.30pm, with an additional matinee performance on Saturday, October 19 at 2pm.

For more details, or to book please call 01302 303959 or visit: www.castindoncaster.co.uk