Protect your little ones with new Childs Farm 50+spf sun cream

Childs Farm sun cream
Childs Farm sun cream
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Childs Farm' s new 50+spf sun cream has been designed for the youngest of skin, and the most sensitive of skin.

It is great for those who have skin which is easily irritated by the ingredients of most sun screens today, and for those who want to be sure that their little one is fully protected from the sun. The after sun lotion will then soothe and moisturise skin after exposure to sun or wind.

Childs Farm after sun

Childs Farm after sun

But what does it do and why is it different? With an actual SPF of 67, this cream is determined to keep the sun's harmful rays away from little ones’ skin.

Using a base of titanium dioxide, this cream acts as a barrier allowing little ones to continue to play outside whilst their skin is protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The after sun lotion moisturises skin after exposure to the sun, ensuring that dehydrated skin cells are plumped up with moisture to prevent irritation.

As with all their products, Childs Farm sun care range has been clinically proven to be suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin and is paediatrician and dermatologist approved, so you can use it on the most delicate of skin with confidence.

Both the 50+ spf sun cream and after sun lotion have been through a user trial of 102 babies and children with medically diagnosed eczema, and 100 per cent of their parents reported no irritation on their little ones after repeated use, and 100 per cent of them would also recommend the product to other parents of babies with medically diagnosed eczema.

These products are available from Boots and Waitrose stores nationwide - find them in the baby and child aisle, and at, and 50+ spf sun cream: 100ml tube RSP: £10.99 after sun lotion: 100ml tube RSP: £4.99