The Way We Were by Colin Ella - Part 123

Colin Ella. Picture: Liz Mockler E0856LM

Colin Ella. Picture: Liz Mockler E0856LM

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Some songs last, some do not. Many written ages ago still get many a rendering but will much of the pop of today be sang much in 50 or 100 years time?

When you hear the song “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do” you are hearing only the chorus of a song that in fact had three verses. It was thought that ‘Daisy’ may have been inspired by Lady Daisy Greville who shocked Victorian society by riding around on her bicycle dressed in bloomers.

However, it is highly unlikely that Harry Dacre, who wrote the song, ever clapped eyes on Lady Daisy. Harry was a very keen cyclist and whilst in the USA with his bike, a mate quipped, ‘It’s a good job you didn’t bring a bicycle made for two. You’d have had to pay twice as much’. So there it was. Harry had the idea for the song.