The Dore Murders: Anniversary of Sheffield's most shocking crime - three killed and woman raped in family wedding day massacre

It was the most brutal and shocking crime in Sheffield's history - and this weekend marks the 33rd anniversary of when unimaginable horror came to the city's most exclusive suburbs.

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The aftermath of the flood outside The Stag Inn and Turner Wheel, Malin Bridge

Truth revealed at last in 150-year-old Sheffield flood victims mystery

The identities of two victims of the 1864 Sheffield Flood have finally been confirmed after more than 150 years.

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Lizzie on her rounds, seen in this 1916 cutting from the Sheffield Daily Independent newspaper

Meet the Sheffield elephant who inspired a whole herd

Sheffield is saying goodbye this weekend to the popular herd of elephant sculptures that have brightened up the city’s public spaces, so here's a picture of Lizzie, the elephant who inspired the idea.

Actors Jay Silverheels, left, as Tonto, and Clayton Moore in the title role of "The Lone Ranger" are shown in a scene from the western television series in 1951. The Walt Disney Co. pulled the plug on the ``The Lone Ranger'' starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the masked man, according to reports Saturday Aug. 13, 2011. (AP Photo, File)

Retro: ‘Please can you tek us in with you, mester?’

Children of today are warned not to speak to strangers at all times and likewise adults are wary of speaking to children that they don’t know in case they are accused of being a pervert.

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Butcher Works, Arundel Street, Sheffield

Reveal picture - Stone trough just right of the chimney

Retro: The brothers who profited from horrors of Civil War

Hello campers!

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Retro chocolate bars we wish theyd bring back

12 chocolate bars you wish were still for sale

It's Chocolate Week!
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Those were the days - 90 years of caring for Doncaster people

Those were the days - 90 years of caring for Doncaster people

If there’s one building in Doncaster we can all claim to have set foot in at least once in our lives, its probably Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Chapel Walk, Sheffield - The Provisions Stores founded by Mr Alwin Hibberd Holland

Retro: Past life of gallery stays in the frame above shops

You may have the feeling of déjà vu when reading this article and that’s because I have covered this hidden piece of Sheffield before.

the late Ronnie Barker when Open All Hours was being filmed in Doncaster.

Retro: The day we said good night to him .....

Eleven years ago this week, the comedy world was in mourning at the death of one of Britain’s best-loved stars.

A Thomas Staniforths staff gathering around 1935. Tom Darwin is seventh fron the right on the back row

Retro: Forging a career as a craftsman

A Retro reader has shared his memories of his father’s working life at a renowned Sheffield toolmaking firm.

Doncaster Rovers FC - photocall
13 August 1982

Retro: Rovers edge 12-goal feast at Belle Vue

It is a remarkable scoreline, still talked about with fond memories by the Doncaster Rovers fans who were there on that day at Belle Vue back in 1982.

Million Dollar Quartet, the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical and West End hit

Retro: Making rock and roll history

Fans of rock and roll can watch a recreation of one of the most legendary live music sessions ever on stage in Sheffield next week.

Hugh Carson in his flying uniform.  With kind permission of Hugh Carson's grandson, Professor Phil Green

Doncaster's pioneering role in World War One air warfare revealed

A new exhibition in Doncaster reveals South Yorkshire’s pivotal role in the First World War battle for the skies.

Zeppelin raid damage to houses on Cossey Road, Sheffield

Zeppelin that rained death from the sky on Sheffield

One hundred years ago on Monday (September 26), the first Sheffielders to be killed in an air raid died when a German Zeppelin dropped bombs on the city.

Million Dollar Quartet on stage

Great days of rock and roll on stage in Sheffield

Fans of rock and roll can watch a re-creation of one of the most legendary live music sessions ever on stage in Sheffield next week.


VIDEO & 360 PHOTOS: Stories Of The Somme remembers tragic Barnsley Pals

They worked together, lived together and many of the so-called Barnsley Pals died together in the trenches at the Battle of the Somme
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Rain water spout on a house on Southgate Eckington

reveal pic

Retro: When hiring and firing was all the fun of the fair

I’m still exploring what were the outlying villages that are scattered around Sheffield in this week’s column.

The Closed down Earth centre

Retro: The day the Earth Centre stood still

It was meant to become a huge international tourist attraction, promoting green living and the environment.

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William Barnsley Allen (as portrayed on cigarette card)

ON THIS DAY: South Yorkshire soldier's "most conspicuous bravery" a century ago

This weekend we salute Sheffield son whose "devotion to duty" won him coveted Victoria Cross.
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How The Herdings looked when the farm was still a rural idyll

Ancient gem among Sheffield's high-rise flats

A historical gem lies hidden and surrounded by high-rise flats on a Sheffield estate.
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