Help the little honeybee

Honeybee, anemone blanda
Honeybee, anemone blanda

Families are invited to join a one-and-a-half mile Bee Walk this Sunday, organised by Penistone Friends of the Earth.

The event will start at 2pm from the Penistone Skate Park beside the Trans Pennine Trail, and will take in newly-created meadow and bluebell areas. Help will be on hand along the way for participants to identify bees, other pollinating insects and bee-friendly plants, and sheets will be provided for children to spot plants along the route.

Pete Riley from Penistone Friends of the Earth said: “There will be something for all ages, and families are particularly welcome.

“We hope the walk will encourage people to help bees by creating suitable habitats for nesting sites and planting pollen and nectar rich flowers to provide food right through the year so populations can flourish.”

This month Penistone Friends of the Earth welcomed a Government report that highlighted the importance of bees in pollinating plants and so providing food for people.

But they believe bees should be looked after not only because they help people, but that nature has a huge value of its own. Bees are not only important for people’s food, but also are a vital part of the food chain for other wildlife including birds, insects and mammals.

Bees have been in decline since World War II, and the Friends want better pesticide testing and more help for farmers and gardeners to create bee-friendly areas.