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ANY parent who has endured disapproving glances from other guests as they attempt to encourage little ones to sit down and eat properly, struggled to feed a small baby when she needs instant re-fuelling or steered older children towards the more economical options on a restaurant menu will recognise the disadvantages of not having your own kitchen on holiday.

And if you need anything else to persuade you of the advantages of self-catering, in these cost-conscious times it’s not only convenient, it’s cheaper!

But it’s important not to forget that a holiday is for mums and dads too.

With a bit of planning there’s no reason why your self-catering break shouldn’t be fun for everyone.

For starters if you’re taking the car, load up with family favourites.

It makes it easier to budget if you take lots of staples with you and pack items such as herbs, spices or ketchup that might be expensive to buy and you’ll only need a small quantity whilst you’re away.

Add in a few treats such as cakes, nice nibbles and a bottle of wine.

Family friendly holiday centres such as Haven Holidays have done loads to make self-catering as easy as possible.

Accommodation is in modern, well-planned holiday homes with fully-equipped kitchens and plenty of storage space.

Open plan layouts ensure that you won’t be stuck in the kitchen – so cooking becomes a much more convivial family affair. And well-stocked shops on park ensure that it’s easy to buy all your need with plenty of local produce available as well as day to day provisions.

When you feel like a break from cooking there’s plenty of choice without leaving the park.

Haven’s ‘Mash and Barrel’ restaurants offer gastro pub style menus at value for money prices.

This year they’ve introduced family meals that you serve yourself at the table - all the benefits of a home cooked supper – but without cooking it yourself!

Haven have 35 family friendly seaside holiday parks around the British coast.

Call 0871 230 1900 or visit www.haven.com for more details.