Cheaters choose the old-fashioned back seat for their “secret love nest”

A traffic warden deals with illegal parking.
A traffic warden deals with illegal parking.
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The back seat of a car is the top place to cheat on your partner, according to a new survey.

Forget a fancy hotel! When it comes to a “quick one” with a lover the majority of Victoria Milan members think nothing is more exciting than the back seat of a car! It may not rank first for comfort, but according to survey informants the good old back seat revs them up to 200 km.

Happily-married company founder Sigurd Vedal states: “You can carry on with your lover almost everywhere, but our members want to keep their affairs intense and hot! They do this by taking their car in any direction, where no one can find them, and choose a secluded spot where anything and everything they dream about can happen! The kind of car doesn’t matter; the fantasy is everything.”