Britain set to mark Spam Appreciation Week

Tins of Spam
Tins of Spam

2014 is going to be quite a year to remember for iconic meat Spam as the Monty Python boys reunite and a whole new generation gets to appreciate the chopped pork and ham favourite.

It’s officially Spam Appreciation Week from 3-9 March and no better time to remind the British public just how unique, tasty and versatile Spam Chopped Pork and Ham really is.

After all, no other meat can claim to have such an incredible 75+ year history and still be as popular to this day around the world.

In the words of Monty Python, “now for something completely different” - here’s just a few facts to show just what makes Spam Chopped Pork and Ham stand out from the meat crowd:

• More than seven billion cans of Spam products have been opened since its launch back in 1937

• They may only be islands, but Hawaii and Guam go crazy for Spam Chopped Pork and Ham.

* In Aloha State more than 7 million Spam products are sold per year and Hawaii even hosts its own annual Spam Jam festival in Honolulu.

* While in Guam an average of 16 Spam products are consumed by every person per year.

* Spam Chopped Pork and Ham is made from more than 90% prime shoulder pork and ham

* Celebrity Spam Fans include James May and Heston Blumenthal

* In South Korea, Spam Chopped Pork and Ham is considered a gourmet delicacy and is often given as a gift.