Williams help develop Singapore’s first electric hypercar

Williams help develop Singapore’s first electric hypercar

Williams help develop Singapore’s first electric hypercar

New pics of Dendrobium electric hypercar

Singapore’s first hypercar has been unveiled – and it’s been made possible with the help of British F1 specialist Williams Advanced Engineering. The all-electric Dendrobium concept, which has been developed by Singapore electric mobility company Vanda Electrics, features advanced drivetrain and aerodynamic technology that benefits from Williams’ experience in Formula 1.

Full technical details have yet to be revealed, but the car is said to use electric drivetrains, suggesting a multi-motor setup inspired by Williams’ hybrid F1 units.

The extreme body shape is the result of a design focus on downforce and aerodynamic performance, and incorporates large nose openings to work the air, a prototype racer-style teardrop roof plus a pronounced fixed wing and diffuser at the rear. Meanwhile, the structure uses F1-derived composite technology, and the monocoque is possibly of a similar style to Williams’ F1 racing tubs.

Its doors open automatically in a similar way to Singapore’s native Dendrobium orchid species – hence the car’s name – and reveal a Bridge of Weir premium leather-trimmed cabin.

Announcing the car’s unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, Vanda Electrics CEO Larissa Tan said: “Dendrobium is the culmination of Vanda Electrics’ expertise in design and technology. It’s inspired by nature and rooted in technology, a marriage of design and engineering.” The Geneva display model will technically be a concept, but it is described as being close to production ready.

This is the third hypercar to be developed with an F1 partnership in the past year. The Aston Martin AM-RB 001, co-engineered with Red Bull Racing, was shown last summer. And the Mercedes-AMG Project One will arrive later in 2017.

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